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Arbinet Launches IP Solutions Trading Platform in Hong Kong, the most open telecommunications market in Asia

2009-02-03 Hong Kong having the least regulations for data and voice service telecommunications in Asia, Arbinet, the provider of innovative voice and IP solutions for buying and selling telecommunications capacity launched its operations in the city last September, treating the HKSAR as the first station for exploring the Asian telecommunications market.

Danny Wong, Arbinet’s Regional Sales Director in Data Service, said that although some regional telecommunication service providers possess their own international network infrastructure, it is hard for them to extend the reach worldwide due to high cost. Hence, many regional telecommunications companies must rely on well-developed and large-scale international telecommunication partners, which are for the most part US firms. Through purchasing their network capacity, they can extend their services to the worldwide market or simply enhance network performance.

Regarding the significance of IP services provided by Arbinet, Wong said Arbinet provides a cost-effective option to small and medium scale telecommunications companies and content providers, enabling them to streamline the transaction process and lower transaction cost and market price, ultimately attracting customers.
During the past 5 years, the average IP traffic in Asia has risen by approximately 60% per year, with the greatest growth coming from the Greater China region. Additionally, some small-scale Chinese telecommunications service providers wanted to source alternative IP services providers other than through local operators. Hong Kong, therefore, has become an ideal location for buying and selling of IP solutions.




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