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MarketTrakSM Daily Trading Report


A buyer can benefit from MarketTraksm by:

  • Matching to the price/quality benchmark sellers that carry the bulk of the minutes volume

  • Sharing spot market price/quality benchmark data with other groups in their organizations that do not do business on thexchange

A seller can benefit from MarketTraksm by:

  • Capturing surplus by pricing up to the buyer orders that send the bulk of the minutes volume on each route

  • Maximizing revenue by pricing supply appropriately for true buyer demand at a given answer seizure ratio (ASR)


  • Market transactions with route type, price, quality (ASR and ACD/ALOC) and minutes volume

  • Allows buyers and sellers to view the percentage of traffic for each matched order in a particular market for the previous day

  • Members receive a report of the prior day’s transactions for each matched buy and sell order that represented more than 2% of the volume in any market that traded more than 2,500 minutes on that day

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