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Trading data on thexchange is a simpler way to buy Internet access and get higher performance from the Internet. Arbinet developed thexchange, its proprietary technology platform, to automate and integrate all three steps of the trading process ensuring smooth, low cost transactions for Members.

Using Arbinet’s automated, online trading platform, Members gain access to an unlimited number of networks at one location. With flexible terms, centralized routing and settlement, and no price markup, data on thexchange Members reduce costs, and optimize their data businesses through a variety of service offerings.


Arbinet Members buy and sell three types of data on thexchange to reduce costs and experience better performance:

OptimizedIPSM Highest-performance Internet access

Route optimized service for mission critical applications without expensive equipment, long-term supplier commitment, and management resources. Internet traffic will be automatically routed to the best seller for all ASNs.

SelectIPSM Customized Internet access

Customized access to any specific Internet network of buyer’s choice. Internet traffic will be routed directly to the selected eyeball or content network.

PrimeIPSM Standard Internet access

Instant access to multiple providers via one connection. Obtain the best value for measured quality and choose from responding seller offers.

+1 866 708 0809 (US) or +0800 028 7959 (UK) or by email

Trade Route Settle
  • View Market to see details of recent transactions with associated price and quality (latency, packet loss and jitter)
  • Execute trades anonymously with any buyer or seller
  • Interconnect with any buyer or seller on thexchange
  • Access thexchange switch at the One Wilshire meet-me room in Los Angeles
  • Route to the entire Internet or specific autonomous system numbers (ASNs)
  • Outsource billing and collections and consolidate with one net payment or invoice for all transactions
  • Reduce Member working capital requirements by netting buy and sell transactions and settling once-a-month
  • Safeguard transactions with buyer credit lines secured by GMAC or deposit or LC

Optimizing Internet Supply to Drive Performance & Profitability


OptimizedIPSM – A Simpler Way to Drive Higher Performance in Internet Access

Download the Data on thexchange Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)