CLN Features

1. Unlimited cost tablesCost tables can be assigned at the PIN levelEnhances the flexibility of card offeringsAvailable
2. Sequential callingAllows callers to place numerous calls without redialing the local toll-free number by pressing a *.Lowers system time, enhances convenienceAvailable
3. Virtual private network dialingAllows users to dial within VPNsEnhances convenience and increases usageAvailable
4. Local currency billingAll charges converted into and billed in local currencyProvides accurate and usable cost and traffic informationAvailable
5. 800 TerminationAllows 800 calls to be placed by customer regardless of local calling restrictionsIncreases usage, service provider may bill for the callAvailable
6. Account HierarchiesAllows service provider to offer varying levels of access to administrative representatives, operators, agents etc.Prevents fraud and account corruptionAvailable
7. Barge-in CapabilitAllows user to bypass voice promptsLowers system time/costs and speeds call connectionAvailable
8. Revision CapabilityAllows customers to correct mis-dialed digitsLowers system time/costs, speeds call connectionAvailable
9. Warning toneAlerts customer when pre-paid balance is low or approaching post-paid account capEnhances customer satisfactionAvailable
10. Real-Time Billing Billing in real time for pre-paid usage Enables the use of pre-paid calling cards and lowers credit risk for post-paid cards2nd Quarter 1997
11. Debit card refreshPre-paid calling cards may be refreshed via credit cardIncreases system usage, enhances convenience2nd Quarter 1997
12. In-Country Ringback TonesDestination specific "ring" can be played while call is connectedEnhances transparency2nd Quarter 1997
13. Roll over to live Customer assistance requests for live operator assistance (due to unavailability of DTMF or improper entry of account information) can be "rolled-over" to any of the service provider's existing operator call centersEnhances convenience and increases usage2nd Quarter 1997
14. Fraud Protection (Call Restricting, Access Limitation, Account Caps)Ability to restrict dialing, limit system access, and set usage caps at the PIN levelPrevents fraud and account corruption2nd Quarter 1997
15. Account Balance/TimeAfter entering PIN the customer hears the account balance and time remaining on their pre-paid calling cardEnhances quality of service2nd Quarter 1997
16. Last Number RedialAutomatically redials last number calledLowers system time/costs, speeds call connection4th Quarter 1997
17. Negative back supervisionPatented process by which service provider is not charged for the first leg of callback if second leg is busy/no answer. Drastically lowers carrier overhead4th Quarter 1997
18. Speed DialAllows for the programming of frequently dialed numbers at the PIN levelLowers system time/costs, enhances convenience4th Quarter 1997
19. Least Cost Routing (LCR) Across CarriersService providers may connect with up to ten carriers per chassis and route each call via the least cost route.Lowers cost per call Available
20. Remote VerificationOne CLN verifies customer account/PIN with another CLN via data networkEliminates double provisioning, allows service providers to establish global networks, allows end-users to use service outside of "home" CLN region without using international toll-free numbers
21. Least Cost Routing (LCR) Across CLNsThe CLN looks at a cost table containing the rates of each networked CLN to decide on which node the call will be re-originated Lowers the cost per call
22. Synch LegsThe re-origination CLN synchronizes the destination call with the callback so that the caller will be bridged to the destination number at the precise time that the destination number begins to ring.Decreases system time and lowers the service provider's cost per call
23. Toll-Free MessageWhen the user enters a toll free destination number the system plays a message telling the user he will not be charged for first leg and the continue processing the call.
24. Eliminate 011 DialingWhen entering a destination telephone number from the U.S., the user need not dial the 011 prefix. Destination Numbers within the United States, may instead be prefixed by a 1. System time, lowers cost per call
25. Online deduction of money for pre-paid calling cards.Available on the origination CLN. The originating CLN does all deduction of money for all users.Enables service providers to offer pre-paid calling cards and create a new profit center
26. Multiple Language PromptsLanguage of prompts may be specified at the PIN/account levelEnhancement of service