The IT CLN Fax via the Internet Application

Fax via the Internet Application Overview

The benefits of a CLN enabled Fax via the Internet service are two fold:

Arbinet’s CLN allows service providers to offer Fax via the Internet services with and without remote verification.

Option I. Fax via the Internet without Remote Verification

Utilizing Arbinet CLNs, providers of international fax service can offer customers the low costs associated with faxing through packet switched data networks including the Internet, X.25 and Frame Relay. The cost of international faxing between CLNs can be as low as two local calls plus the low cost of the packet switched transmission if the CLNs are located in the local calling regions of the caller and the called party. The use of an auto-dialer makes the entire process transparent to the user. This application uses only one port on the CLN per transaction, thereby requiring a minimum of transmission capacity to support large volumes of faxes.

Option II: Fax via the Internet with Remote Verification

Service providers may offer global roaming access to Fax via the Internet services by connecting CLNs internationally over any packet switched network (the Internet, X.25, Frame Relay and soon the cell switched ATM network). This enables the service provider to “follow” their customers worldwide.

  1. Inbound Calls via a Local Toll-Free #
  2. Account Verification Request
  3. Account Verification
  4. Fax Terminated on Local CLN, Packetised and Transmitted via X.25, The Internet, Frame Relay to a Corresponding CLN based on LCR Decision
  5. Fax Terminated to Destination Party (Termination may be a local call if the corresponding CLN is located in the destination party’s local calling region.