C   E   I   S

Consulting, Engineering, Implementation, Support

Our customer’s goals are our goals. To help our global communications customers achieve their goals we created the CEIS process (Consulting, Engineering, Implementation and Support). The aim of this process may be one or any combination of the following:


In the consulting phase of solution development, we work with our customers to turn their problems into opportunities. Arbinet invites customers to challenge us with their most pressing concerns. Our seasoned sales, marketing and technical staff takes a team approach to the customer’s “problem” and work with the customer to define where opportunity lies. Next, project performance goals are set, a preliminary technical solution is devised, investment levels determined and time frames constructed.


At this stage of project development, the network solution is engineered. Arbinet’s networking solutions are comprised of open architecture, industrial computer based switching hardware, Arbinet’s Telephony Operating System (TOS), internally developed application software and global network management software.

Open System Solutions

Arbinet’s solutions are truly open systems. The advantages of open systems or open architecture are many and include broad compatibility with industry standards, speedy integration of new technologies and longer product life cycles. Arbinet’s solutions support the SCSA standard for system level component interoperability and enable support of the International Telecommunications Union) H.323 standard set for application software and firmware interoperability. What does this mean for service providers? Speedy implementation of emerging transmission technologies which lead to cost savings and the creation of new services or revenue streams (ATM will enable superior quality of both VoIP and video conferencing).

Infinitely Scaleable Solutions

Arbinet solutions enable low-cost market entry (with low transmission capacity) and support rapid market penetration (with capacity added on demand). Service providers may start with low switching capacity (as low as four ports) and grow to gateway size as the market grows with no fiscal or technical penalties. The CLN is capable of efficient, flexible and rapid scaleable growth to consistently match capacity, load and functionality requirements.

Modular Solutions

Arbinet solutions are completely modular running multiple applications on a single open platform. This enables the creation of custom service offerings and broad market penetration. The ability to integrate multiple applications on a single platform also extends the long term viability of the solution. When one application becomes obsolete (like callback may become in a few years), another application (like international simple resale) is quickly and easily deployed in its place, thus extending the platform’s life span and maximizing return on investment.

Integrated Solutions

Investing in Arbinet’s solutions does not mean divesting in legacy systems. Based on customer desires, Arbinet will seamlessly integrate with legacy systems adding flexibility and processing speed.

Speedy Processing Solutions

The central building block of all Arbinet solutions is Arbinet’s TOS (Telephony Operating System). TOS’s utilization of processing resources is unequaled. For the service provider, more efficient processing translates to faster connect times and superior switching quality.


Arbinet’s global network deployment expertise is unparalleled. Using Dialogic hardware components with type approvals in over seventy countries, Arbinet’s solutions benefit from a pre-approved status. This translates to seamless and swift deployment in foreign markets. Our stringent quality control standards and processes ensure that systems will exhibit the highest performance levels from day one and on. Because Arbinet’s solutions are turnkey, we can supply and meet fixed time frames for implementation and deployment, measured not in months but weeks.


Arbinet support programs ensure that all systems maintain the highest levels of performance and reliability. How do we do it? We perform 24 by 7 Technical support and customer service and periodic automated and non-automated pro-active system monitoring, diagnosis and resolution. Customers with out switch ready facilities or network management expertise may wish to co-locate systems in any of our facilities.