Call Re-origination/Callback

Arbinet’s CLN represents the fastest and most cost-effective solution for providers of international call re-origination/callback services. The CLN interfaces with all existing and emerging transmission technologies (X.25, the Internet, frame relay, private lines and ATM) to transmit signaling information and ISDN T1 and E1 to terminate calls.

Enabled by Arbinet CLNs, call re-origination/callback serves as a means of entry into foreign, deregulating markets for long distance carriers. Call re-origination/callback services allow these carriers to tap into foreign markets worldwide by directly offering rates lower than the in-country provider. Having conquered capacity limitations formally associated with PC based switching, the modularity and scalability of the CLN enhanced services platform allows for the “ramping up” of switching capacity to seamlessly support speedy and steady market penetration. The CLN’s flexibility allows carriers to implement a number of call re-origination/callback applications tailored to specific market segments including:

Option I. Transparent Call Re-origination/Calllback Utilizing Out of Band Signaling

In this application, the CLN in the foreign location functions purely as a signaling node and requires far less transmission capacity resulting in lower per CLN costs. This solution is ideal for applications where the callback is delivered to fixed customer locations such as large business offices. To ensure heightened use and speedy call connect times, auto-dialers make the use of call re-origination/callback service transparent to end-users. Out of band signaling via either X.25, the Internet, Frame Relay or Private Lines eliminates the need for costly and hard to acquire DIDs. The CLN generates an unlimited number of PINs or “Virtual DIDs” offering carriers the control to support large customer bases.

Option II: Transparent Call Re-origination/Callback Utilizing DID Signaling

Another form of callback to customer location, this application utilizes DID signaling for the delivery of call re-origination/callback services and does not require a CLN in the foreign location. Here the call re-origination/callback is triggered by a DID call placed to a CLN located in the call re-origination country. This service may also be made transparent to end-users through the use of auto-dialers.