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Technology Licensing

Arbinet has developed advanced, patented technologies which the Company now offers through license agreements.

IP Route Optimization

IP network quality can fluctuate wildly even over short periods of time. This technology provides an optimal method of routing IP traffic based on the measured quality of various IP backbone networks, and is useful for quality-critical applications such as VoIP, online gaming and streaming media. This application allows an operator to automatically and continually reconfigure IP routing to maximize the quality of transmission through multiple IP networks.

Call Preprocessing Management

A carrier may desire to screen out invalid calls, e.g. calls with invalid Initial Address Messages, or to prevent the transmission of traffic to a far-end provider having inadequate capacity so as to decrease the load on a telecommunications switch. This technology provides a screening mechanism that may be based on call attributes or historical data such as invalid calling codes or unique messages collected from the far-end provider’s call termination system.

VoIP Peering Management

VoIP Peering requires effective mechanisms for discovering the routing details for calls destined for other VoIP service providers. This technology implements ENUM or SIP based call queries and integrates with the open SPIDER Registry for global application.

SPIDER Registrar System

The Global VoIP Registry, SPIDER, requires an efficient Registrar application to enable service providers to effectively use its functionality. This Registrar system can be deployed by Registrars to expand SPIDER services into a new Region or Service Provider community.

Managing Connections Between Circuit-Switched and Packet-Switched Networks

Since packet-switched networks combine all traffic from multiple customers into one flow, whereas circuit-switched networks generally maintain separate trunk groups for each customer, it is difficult if not impossible to provide customer-based routing and detailed call records for accounting and billing purposes in mixed TDM/VoIP networks. This technology allows an operator to identify customers and suppliers as telephone calls are transmitted between these disparate networks.

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