Arbinet Product List


Central Local Node CLN

A UNIX-based industrial PC platform which uses Arbinet’s Telephony Operating System (TOS) to simultaneously run multiple applications( see application list for available applications). With an Open architecture and complete redundancy, the CLN is able to grow modularly to accommodate increasing capacity requirements and support new technological advances as they emerge.

Mini CLN

Designed for customer premise solutions, the Mini CLN moves the flexibility and cost efficiency of PC based switching closer to the end-user.

CLN Plus

With an ATM backbone and SS7 compatibility, the CLN Plus brings the flexibility and cost efficiency of PC-based telephony to the gateway level of switching.

The CLN Server Family

Arbinet’s CLN Servers permit globally distributed CLNs to share information. For service providers, the CLN Server acts as a unified source of customer account information and enables remote verification of accounts. Remote verification in turn allows end-users global roaming access (the ability to utilize CLNs outside of the “home” CLN’s calling region). Therefore, service providers may install CLNs in numerous countries/regions establishing a global network of CLNs and may follow their customers worldwide.

CLN Administration Node

Arbinet believes that the local control of administration and billing is a crucial component in the new world of distributed switching. Use of the CLN Administration Software enables the creation of a centrally controlled, globally distributed network of authorized administrators. Control of a global network of CLN’s is determined by location of CLN Administration Nodes.


Arbinet’s TOS – Telephony Operating System

Arbinet’s Telephony Operating System (TOS) is open, fast, and flexible software on which multiple applications may run simultaneously. Running multiple applications allows for a broader market penetration and extends long-term viability.

TOS utilizes open client/server architecture with a C, C++ programming interface based on the SCSA Software Model. It allows for the rapid integration of emerging applications on API and CTI levels.

CLN Administration Software

Arbinet believes that local administration of a crucial component in the new world of distributed switching. Use of Arbinet’s CLN Administration Software enables service providers to centrally control a globally distributed network of authorized administrators.

Enhanced Services

Facility Management

To accommodate clients of different sizes with varying degrees of experience and facility resources, Arbinet developed two facility management programs enabling service providers to take advantage of our New York City based 400 T1 facility.

Consulting Services

Put Arbinet’s global network deployment expertise to work for you with Arbinet’s consultation services.