CLN Administration and Provisioning Node

CLN Administration Node Overview

Arbinet believes that the local control of administration and billing is a crucial component in the new world of distributed switching. Use of the CLN Administration Node and CLN Administration Software enables the creation of a centrally controlled, globally distributed network of authorized administrators. Control of a global network of CLN’s is determined by location of CLN Administration Nodes.

Provisioning Directly to Origination CLN

CLN Administration Nodes may be located in overseas calling regions and connected to origination CLNs via an NFS/TCP/IP backbone. The local service provider provisions directly on the origination CLN which distributes the pertinent information via the available protocol (X.25, Internet, Frame Relay, Private Line and soon ATM) to any pertinent networked CLN on a real-time, periodic or manual basis. Distributing administrative control to agents/representatives in regions served by CLNs increases the service providers responsiveness. Control is maintained by assigning password protected administrative rights to agents/partners/representatives.

Provisioning Directly to Re-origination CLN

Service providers wishing to centralize control of customer administration may do so by provisioning directly to the re-origination CLN . In this configuration, administration of customers located in the origination CLN’s calling region is performed by customer service representatives in the re-origination country. CLN Administration Nodes are connected to the re-origination CLN via NFS. Performing administration in this manner increases control but limits responsiveness.

Provisioning Remotely to Origination CLN

Customer administration may be distributed within a region served by an origination CLN. Agents/Partners/Representatives may perform customer administration without being located in the same facility as the origination CLN. In this configuration administrators are connected via either dedicated or dial-up lines to the origination CLN.

Provisioning Remotely to Re-origination CLN

When DID signaling or International 800#’s are used as a means of CLN access (no origination CLN is used), customer service personnel located in the markets served may enter or retrieve customer data directly onto/from the re-origination CLN. In this customer administration configuration, Windows 95 based CLN Administration Nodes located in each overseas’ calling region connect with the re-origination CLN via dedicated private line or dial-up connection over regular telephone lines. This allows the overseas CLN Operator to perform customer service and account provisioning on a real-time (private line) or periodic (dial-up) basis. Distributed administration increases responsiveness and control is maintained with multilevel password hierarchies.

CLN Admin Node Components

Software: Windows 95, NFS, PC Anywhere for Windows 95
Hardware: Pentium 16mg CPU, 14.4 modem, VGA card, PCI SMC Network Card, IDE Controller