To accommodate clients of different sizes and varying degrees of experience in telecommunications, Arbinet has developed the following programs:

Rental and Co-location

Perfect for non-US companies wishing to operate their own US-based switch(es) but lacking the technical expertise and/or the physical facilities to do so. Facility management allows you to capitalize on Arbinet’s technical know-how, switch-ready environment (housing over 50 switches), and convenient proximity to high-quality, low-cost US long distance carriers. For US-based carriers, this facility acts as another node in their existing global networks.

Purchase and Co-location

The long-term investment choice for customers wishing to operate their own callback and/or debit card switch(es) without the burdens of adding to their technical staff and providing the physical facility. One-time purchase of VX Switch plus a low monthly co-location fee guarantees optimal operation of your switch with minimal commitment of your internal resources.

Benefits of Co-location

With a co-location arrangement, a customer rents or purchases a VX switch located at Arbinet’s New York City facility and benefits from:

  • Arbinet’s 24 by 7 technical staff
  • Back-up switches and redundant servers
  • Battery back-up for all switches
  • Complete monitoring of all systems
  • Proximity to all carrier’s New York City POPs
  • Use of the carrier of your choice based on your negotiated rates
  • VX Switch capacity from 1 to 7 T1s
  • Easy and inexpensive upgrades
  • Additional capacity that may be added in as little as two weeks
  • Debit card and callback applications on the same switch
  • Use of Arbinet’s DS3 Hub to obtain T1 access at exceptionally low monthly rates
  • No initial capital investment required with rental


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